Backing Harmony Vocals Written, Arranged and/or Performed for $129

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Backing Harmony Vocals Written, Arranged and/or Performed for $129

Sending your song out to a stranger can be scary. You don’t know what they’ll do, you don’t know if you’ll like it, and you don’t know what to do if/when you don’t like it.

My harmony services are available in two options:

1. A collaborative process, with you as the director! I will keep you involved as much as you’d like to be, every step of the way. I’ll present ideas, you tell me what ones you like, and we work together to create a masterpiece.
2. Already know what you want? No problem! I'll get it done just the way you like.

I’ve worked with Grammy-winning artists and producers to craft harmonies that tell a story. Although background vocals are not the focal point of a song, they boost the overall image and should be crafted meticulously.

My harmony arrangements are award-nominated and used by artists of all genres. I have my own custom vocal booth that ensures absolutely zero background noise or ambient sounds. You will receive completed files ready to drop into your song and mix!

Not sure what key your song is in? Not sure what chords are in the bridge? No problem! I’m known for creating unusual chords and finding unique ideas. I create and arrange them myself so you don't have to do any extra work - just send me your track and I'll do the rest!

What if you already know what you want? No problem! I can do exactly as you ask to make sure your song is perfect. If you know what you want but are open to suggestions, I can do that too. Together, we’ll make your song an incredible listening experience!

Please note: This job is for background vocals ONLY. I do have a complete vocal package (lead + harmonies) or lead vocals only in other gigs. Most people want two harmony tracks, but I can do more or less depending on what you need.


Harmony ideas and arrangement (if needed)
A collaborative approach to harmony design
Cleaned, edited, and tuned tracks ready to drop right into your mix
Harmony vocals that evoke emotion and grab attention

Don't see what you need? Please contact me, I can create a custom order for your project!

  • Country
  • Folk
  • Choral
  • Blues
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock

Harmony Reel

I’m known for creating unique, ear-catching harmonies! Elevate your song with quality background vocals!
  • Harmony Reel
  • Jazz Reel
  • Writing Reel
  • Ballad Reel
  • Soul Reel
  • Pop/EDM Reel
  • Country Reel
  • Acoustic Reel
  • Cover Reel
  • Rock Reel

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