Professional VocalsLEAD, harmonies an backing vocals for your song for $100

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Professional VocalsLEAD, harmonies an backing vocals for your song for $100

Hi everyone.

Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Emmanuel and I have been singing for 30 years now. Spent my childhood in a choir, then I spent 12 years participating in different bands writing songs & touring (Rock, metal, pop, latin and ballads and many more). I've spent the last 7 years working all over the world with Grammy winning artists. I've collaborated with many other artist from different parts of the world and because I've been a client in airgigs for 5 years now I've decided it was time to begin offering my services here on airgigs too!

I endeavour to ensure you are totally happy with my service.

The service:
LEAD Vocals for your song (3 different tracks for you to choose)
Vocal harmonies (up to 5 tracks in different scales)
Backing vocals if needed (up to 3 layers)

This will then be sent back to you in high quality WAV(24, 48 or 96Ghz) or Mp3 for you to add to your track.

Despite I do specialize in rock, I can do multiple vocal textures for different music genres such as ballads, rock, metal, opera, electronic music, trap, country, R&B, blues & Gospel.


Can do vocal adaptations such as lyric adaptations (in 3 different lenguages English, Spanish, Portuguese), different vocal textures (up to 10), backing vocals, choruses, etc. It's worth knowing my vocal range is Baritone.

Create a full song vocal structure (melodically) and write lyrics to it.

Write your lyrics in english and/or spanish.

Can record up to 25 vocal tracks for a single song if need be (with different vocal textures to make it sound like a crowd)

Shoot me a message so we can discuss what fits your song best!
Cant wait to listen to your song and help you take it to the very next level!


  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Metal
  • Country
  • Latin
  • Singer-Songwriter

CountryTrap (Espanish/English)

Country Trap song
  • CountryTrap (Espanish/English)
  • Techno/Metal (English)
  • Ballad (Spanish)
  • Country (English)
  • Pop Country (Spanish)
  • Alternative Metal (English)

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