Trilingual Singer-songwriter French, English, Portuguese for $400

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Enlia

Trilingual Singer-songwriter French, English, Portuguese for $400

Nice to meet you ! I have been writing songs in French, English, Portuguese and singing in different languages (French, English, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese) and Genres for 15 years. I sing comfortably between F3 - F4# (Chest voice) and F4# - C5 (Head voice) - my range stands somewhere between alto and mezzo-soprano.

Some of my most notable projects include recording vocals for MyNoise (soundscapes generator), upcoming video-game Beyond Good and Evil 2 (Ubisoft X hitRECord), Evocativ (electronic/Chill), and composing / producing ethereal instrumental music for licensing (in-store radio services - Mood Media, MediaNet -, podcasts, compilations etc.)

Prices, terms of service and conditions starting from May 2022:

- Dry vocals (lead, stacks, harmonies and commercial release included) – no lyrics, no topline: $400 per song.
Ownership / publishing : 0% for me / 100% for you.

- Dry vocals and co-writing (lyrics and/or topline): $400 per song and 25% to 50% writer’s share, sales, streaming revenues and licensing/sync deals.

- Delivery time depends on previous commitments (typically from 1 to 6 weeks).
- Revisions are unlimited.
- Satisfied or refunded.
- Rejected lyrics, adlibs, toplines I created may be used for other projects.
- Credits are optional but submitted to approval before release if you want to use the « feat. Enlia » format (please don't put "Enlia" as a primary artist but as a featured artist).
- All communications regarding the project will be on Airgigs.
- Promotion isn’t my specialty (that said, I usually share my work on social medias).

I'm looking forward to knowing more about your next project ! :)

Kind regards,


  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • Pop-Rock
  • Pop
  • Folk
  • Singer-Songwriter

Enlia - Vocal Reel

With Jean-Eric Bohdanowicz, Leo Harmonay, Le Jardin, Hatelog and Salvation. For more infos and examples, check my different playlists on Soundcloud or Youtube.
  • Enlia - Vocal Reel

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