Vocals that make your track STAND OUT for $90

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Vocals that make your track STAND OUT for $90

90$ Lead Vocals that can work in any style. Diva, soulful, Choir, cute pop vocals, whisper pop vocals, indie style.

Need more?
message me and I'll send you a custom offer:
100$ - 4 harmonies (no lead)
150$ - lead, 2 harmonies and songwriting
60$ - Chorus only VOX-lead vocal and 3 harmonies
80$ - Chorus only VOX and SONGWRITING - lead vocal and 3 harmonies
70$ - 30 seconds CHOIR (15-20 voices, sent combined)

Did you check out my 2024 vocal reel?
all written & recorded by yours truly.
rates are for songs up to 4 minutes.

Hey everyone!
I've been making music on this website for a few years now, delivering high quality vocals and have a long history of five star ratings.

My vocal style is mainly pop-edm-rnb, but I'm flexible and will do my best to get the sound you're looking for.
I love recording harmonies as well, whether you need pop-style harmonies to make your vocals stronger, or have a project that needs choir-type vocals.

in 2023, I achieved a 5 star rating from 105 clients!

I've had many releases on different streaming services with various producers, such as ALEX H (song title: "backpack"), Dovble v ("open your eyes"), Martyska (track title: "Fantasma") and more.

My inbox is always open to hear your ideas, requests or questions!

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Vocal Montage

Song 1 - Choir /// Song 2 - Pop&Harmonies /// Song 3 - Fun Pop /// Song 4 - EDM //// All songs were Recorded&Written by Inbali
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