Lyrics, Topline, Harmonies & AdLibs full vocal pack in English/Spanish for $300

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Lyrics, Topline, Harmonies & AdLibs full vocal pack in English/Spanish for $300

Hi, it's Ziberia! I’m an internationally renowned topline vocalist and songwriter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm quickly establishing myself as a rising artist in the music industry. I have a deep passion for R&B and pop music, and I also love writing and singing for the EDM universe. I’m enrolled in music industry courses related to audio engineering and I’m always learning new things to keep improving my skills.

I will write and record an original topline for your project in English or Spanish, OR BOTH! I've been writing pop, R&B, EDM, deep house, trance, indie, etc, so reach out to me with your project because I'm very open and versatile!

(If you want me to record a cover, I will do the job for $150. You can check out that service on my profile)


- You own the vocal pack
- High-quality WAV vocal stems (Lead Vocal, Doubles, Ad-Libs, and Harmony)
- Artist info sheet in PDF
- Release on all platforms worldwide
- Projects are guaranteed to be completed within 10 days

If you already have reference tracks, a brief, or any guide vocals, I am ready to check that out. (If you need anything additional added I'm easy to work with - just reach out before ordering).

If you have a custom project I am open to all opportunities. Please message me with what you're looking for and I will respond quickly with a custom proposal for you.


For microphone, I use my AT2020 condenser and the Audient ID4 audio interface. The DAW I use is Logic Pro X.

SOCIALS: @ziberia
SPOTIFY: Ziberia
YOUTUBE: Ziberia

I'd love to make some vocal magic for you. Let's rock this!

Cheers to our future collab!

  • EDM
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Neo soul
  • House

Destiny - Galick Music ft. Camila Bearzi

EDM original topline
  • Destiny - Galick Music ft. Camila Bearzi
  • Christmas So Close - Nazar Drago ft. Camila Bearzi
  • Red Lights (Tiesto) - VIIO & Skydyve ft. Camila Bearzi
  • Won't Stop - Kimberg ft. Camila Bearzi

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