Lead Vocal and Harmonies for $149

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Lead Vocal and Harmonies for $149

I've worked in Nashville, Detroit, and globally via virtual collaboration. My harmonies are award-winning and I've worked with Grammy-winning artists, producers and musicians. I can do many genres and vocal styles and can give your song the flavor you need!


- Complete lead vocals
- Complete harmony vocals
- Harmony creation and arrangement (if needed)
- High quality tracks that are tuned, edited, and ready to drop into your mix
- A professional, polished singer with years of experience in the music industry
- A seamless, easy process to give you great results with no stress!

I spend a great deal of time on editing the tracks to ensure they are clean, edited and ready for you to use. You won't need to spend hours going through and making changes; all you'll have to do is start mixing!

All vocals are recorded on top-quality studio equipment in a soundproof environment. No background noises, clicks or pops for you to edit.

Please check out my tracks and let me know how I can help you!

Ballad Reel

Just some slow jams. Take a sec. Breathe, relax. :)
  • Ballad Reel
  • Acoustic Reel
  • Country Reel
  • Cover Reel
  • Harmony Reel
  • Jazz Reel
  • Rock Reel
  • Pop/EDM Reel
  • Soul Reel
  • Writing Reel

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