Lead Vocal and Harmonies for $120

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Lead Vocal and Harmonies for $120

I will provide a completed lead vocal with harmonies. I can do many genres and vocal styles and can give your track the flavor you need! I can do singing imitations as well, so if you give me an artist you envision singing the song, I can give you a result that sounds as if the artist herself was singing it. I use Logic but have access to Cubase and ProTools if needed. I have fast turnaround time and can give you a free edit.

Included in this package are:

- Completed lead vocals
- Completed harmony vocals (I can harmonize if you don't want to write them yourself)
- Edited tracks that are ready to drag and drop into your track for mixing
- A revision if needed to ensure your track is exactly what you need
- Seamless, easy process to give you your results with no stress.

I spend a great deal of time on editing the tracks to ensure they are clean, edited and ready for you to use. You won't need to spend hours going through and making changes; all you'll have to do is start mixing!

I record all vocals in my custom booth which I built myself. No background noises, clicks or pops for you to edit.

Please check out my tracks and let me know how I can help you!

  • Pop
  • Country
  • Rock
  • R&B
  • Blues
  • Jazz

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