One Singer. Many voices. Final Vocals for $175

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One Singer. Many voices. Final Vocals for $175

Sam is an industry recognized singer, writer, and artist with over 20 years in the recording industry. As the owner of The Sambalaya Shoppe, Sam offers vocal production services to producers, composers, and songwriters all over the world directly from her own studio.

As production staff beneath producer Andrew Lane (High School Musical), Sam honed in on her ability to sound like many popular singers - Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Nelly Furtado, and Erykah Badu to name a few. This signature "vocal mimicking" technique is what lead to the opportunity to be featured alongside Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes on the posthumous album Eye Legacy in 2009. Since then, she’s demoed countless songs for many young stars of The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, and more urban artists like Ciara.

Sam is also an educated audio engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Audio Production. In 2011, she was an assistant Live Programmer for Nicki Minaj during her stint on Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour. “It was my job as a Live Programmer to ensure that all pre-recorded audio ran smoothly. And in the same way, it's my job as your hired vocalist to ensure that the audio you receive from me is recorded flawlessly.” In 2018, she took everything she knew about vocal production and started her own business. Need vocal elements for your song? Look no further than the ragin' cajun of song creation.


- Lead vocal
- 8 to 16 layers of background vocals
- Rough mix for listening purposes
- All raw and unprocessed vocal files

First revisions are free.

  • Pop
  • Blues
  • Hip Hop
  • EDM
  • Country
  • Rock

The Many Voices of Sambalaya

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  • The Many Voices of Sambalaya

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