In Vocals In Vocals (Male) By Otu Suurmunne


I'm Otu! If you're looking for a professional male vocalist with a high belting range, strong head voice or great control with rasp, that would be me!

I can perform a variety of genres including pop, rock, blues and metal to name a few. I have a wide and versatile vocal range. I'm able to imitate many vocalists and have gotten a lot of views on my Youtube channel Moonic Productions (vocal imitations on my showreel).

I work efficiently and deliver within a few days.

The price includes:
• 1 Lead Vocal
• Doubles
• Harmonies
• Adlibs
• 2 Revisions

The price does not include:
• Melody writing
• Writing lyrics
• Processing

I record my vocals in my home studio with professional equipment, including:
• Shure SM7B microphone
• Universal Audio x6 audio interface
• Neve 1073SPX preamp
• Pro Tools software
• Pop filter and a workspace which has acoustic treatment

  • Pop
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Metal

Otu Rock & Metal Showreel

Rock & Metal
  • Otu Rock & Metal Showreel
  • Otu Pop & Other Showreel

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