Professional Singer Jazz Tango Bossa Soul Jingles for $250

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) By Guadalupe Raventos

Professional Singer Jazz Tango Bossa Soul Jingles for $250

20 years in the singing business, I am an Argentine singer and have worked in the NYC jazz scene. My voice covers 3 and a 1/2 octaves, and as a jazz singer I have explored many vocal sound effects that are available for your music!
Besides singing in Spanish, English, Swedish and Portuguese, if you give me a pronunciation guide added to the lyrics sheet I can sing other languages, as I have done with Italian, Hebrew and Japanese. Another service I love to do is to improvise with vocal sounds and syllables. I read music.
My recording is done with a M-Audio Fast Track and Garage Band; and a M-Audio Luna condenser microphone or a Rode mike for Ipad. I provide you with a dry track, so you use all the sound effects that you need.

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Perfect Combination

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