Creative & Detailed Sound Design for $35

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Creative & Detailed Sound Design for $35

Whether it's a brand signature, animation, ad or video game, I will create a full soundscape to add it another dimension. My goal? To bring energy, personality and depth to any video or visual content. Sound can truly make a difference and help your project stand out!

I'm offering you a fully finalized product, which includes:
- Original and Customized Sound Effects (SFX);
- Foley;
- Audio Editing;
- Mixing & Mastering;

Please make sure you check the Audio and Video tabs, where you will find examples of my work.

Making your vision a reality is always my priority. It's crucial that you get in touch with me before ordering, so we may discuss your project needs. Before doing any work, I will present you a "sound board" with my overall approach and how I'm planning to meet your goal. It will contain a prediction of the number of sound effects (or elements) I will create, which is the best way I have to determine the complexity of your project.

As always, the marked price is the minimum I can offer. I try to be as flexible as possible with tight budgets, so the following price table is mostly for reference.

1. Up to 10 Sound Effects: $35
2. Up to 30 Sound Effects: $120
3. Up to 50 Sound Effects: $200
4. More than 50 Sound Effects: Request for Quote

Keep in mind that a sound effect isn't a stock sample or a single layer of a major sound. All my SFX are original and customized, which means that a single SFX includes many different layers, aside from all the processing.

Again, feel free to get in touch and send me your project details, so I may tell you what's the best price I can manage.

Make sure you also check my profile and website, where you will find reviews from clients who can vouch for my work.

Last Samurai

Audio replacement (or redesign) of an online game from Miniclip. I added from scratch all sound effects. You can watch the visual version in the
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