Viola da gamba recording for $100

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Viola da gamba recording for $100

For the above mentioned price I will record a viola da gamba part for your project.

Send me your recording, and I will write and record (in wav) a viola da gamba part for it, or If you have written parts for it I can play it as is.
I'm a cello and viola da gamba player from Budapest. I've been playing cello from the age of 6 and viola da gamba for over 10 years now. I graduated from the cello department of Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. I play in many styles and genres but specialize in baroque and early music. I play regularly in chamber music orchestras and consorts, and have experience in the studio as well.

The sonority of the viola da gamba is akin to the cello but its much more ethereal. It was a frequently used instrument in the baroque period, and became popular again in recent times. If you are looking for something like a cello, but with more soul look no further.

My gear:
-I own a custom made instrument which was made in 2013 by the master luthier Szabolcs Bárdi.
-My bow was made by Jacek Wesolowski in 2013
-AKG C411PP contact microphone
-Large diaphragm condenser microphone
-Onyx blackjack audio interface fed into Reaper.

  • Classical
  • Opera

Improvisation on a bourdon

Recorded, mixed and mastered at my home studio.
  • Improvisation on a bourdon
  • C.F.Abel - D minor suite - Arpeggiata
  • B.Marcello A minor sonata III. IV.

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