Piano & Keys for $50

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Piano & Keys for $50

Hi! My name is Candela and I am an experienced professional pianist/keyboard player based in Argentina.
Styles included but not limited to, are Classical, Cinematic, Newage, and Tango.
I am a session player, composer, producer, and arranger.
Please contact me before placing your order; I can customize the service to your needs.

Acoustic piano (Kohler & Cambell)
Workstation Music Korg Kronos
Workstation Music Korg Krome
High-quality virtual instruments
Audio Interfaces: Steinberg UR22, Tascam US 4x4.
Mics: Oktava mk012 Michael Joly modified, Samson C03, Lavalier LV4,
DAW Logic Pro X

  • Classical
  • Ambient
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop
  • World

El Sol y La Luna

Improvisación en Piano Solo
  • El Sol y La Luna
  • El Día Que Me Quieras
  • Stranger Things Theme

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