Hammond B3 - from soft to wild and dirty for $100

In Piano, Keys, Synth 100% Guarantee By Fred Guggenberger

Hammond B3 - from soft to wild and dirty for $100

Nice to meet you!

I play Hammond for you. From soft to wild to dirty in the following genres:


Please feel free to contact me, when your genre is not on the list. To me, music is music and I am not limited to genres. Still I am not good in some of them. For example: Classical Music ... But if you want some Hammond sounds on .. say a Hip-Hop-Track, it should work fine. I also give you a money back guarantee, when you are not happy with the result. So there is no risk for you.

Gear and Studio
I got a nice studio with some lovely keyboards, guitars, and amps. Actually, all my piano and Hammond sounds are based on virtual instruments. I will send you an audio recording but also the midi-file, so you can replace the sound with any Hammond sound you got in your DAW (if you want to).

About the sound
I always try to find the right sound for the song. In other words: The sound, that works best with the sound of the recording you sent me. I also love to use the sound of some vintage preamps. But it has to match. In other words: If Preamp XXX sounds great but it does not match with the sound of your song, I will not use it. I am always playing for the song, musically and sound-wise.

Price includes one revision and a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you get from me.

DAW and file transfer
I work with Logic Pro X. If you work with another DAW, that´s totally fine. Just send me an audio file of your song and use it.

The price includes one revision and is for a song with "normal length". If you plan to book me for a "30-minute long Rock Opera Intro" please get in touch before you book me. It may be a little more work then. ;-)

I also play guitar and piano.

  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Soul
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock

Solo in "How many ways can you break my heart?"

A lovely song written by the great Marghi Allen
  • Solo in "How many ways can you break my heart?"
  • Rhythm and Lead

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