Piano, Rhodes, Organ, Mixing and more for $125

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Piano, Rhodes, Organ, Mixing and more for $125

I come from a Prog-Rock and Western Swing and Worship background. I was the keyboard player in The Illustrated band and also toured with Gary P. Nunn for 9 years. For the next 18 years I directed and led Worship in Austin, TX. I read chord charts, but primarily play by ear; recording many genres: Country, Rock, R&B, Swing, Reggae, Americana, CCM, and more.

In my studio I use. a Korg SV-1, a 2022 MBPro Max with both Reaper and Digital Performer as DAW's along with Isotope Plugins. My interface is a MOTU Track 16. $200.00 includes a stereo and MIDI track of each instrument.

  • Americana
  • Country
  • Prog rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • R&B
  • Folk

Anna - The Illustrated Band

Prog Rock - Piano, Rhodes and Organ
  • Anna - The Illustrated Band
  • Come Thou Fount

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