Dynamic & Fast Pianist for Hire for $125

In Piano, Keys, Synth By Tara Chugh

Dynamic & Fast Pianist for Hire for $125

Hi! I'm Tara and I'm here to record some keys for your next song! My piano playing style range from soundtrack cinematic music, contemporary jazz, R&B and alternative rock (check out my recordings below to get a good sense of what I can help you write).

I'm an official Recording Academy member, Music Director and a performing musician in the greater Seattle area. I also have experience in worship music if that's what you're looking for.

The service listed is for piano/keyboard for your project (work for hire agreement). Typically clients will jump on a quick call so I can discover what it is you’re looking for as far as style and tempo go. It’s helpful if you provide some sort of chord chart, sheet music or sample recording.

Check out my style of playing in the audio tab to see if I’d be a good fit for your project. Some of my role models include Hans Zimmer and Jim Brickman. If you’re interested in session vocals or piano, please take a look at my other services for hire.

This project does not include final mixing or mastering however I do create a track for you that is lightly mixed and mastered. Typically once the project is completed - clients take the audio files I provide to an engineer of their choice (if being used for commercial release).

Disclaimer: please refrain from using Tara's name in any commercial released project unless you discuss and get approval to do so.

*If you're not 100% satisfied, we can work out with a partial refund.*

Gear & Software:
Logic Pro X
Yamaha MX88
Scarlett interface
CineSolo Strings
Alicias Keys Plugin
Garrison CFX Plugin

  • Ambient
  • Classical
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Soul
  • R&B

Rise Up

Cinematic Piano Style
  • Rise Up
  • Dream Bird
  • Me Myself & I

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