Vintage Keys recording for $50

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Vintage Keys recording for $50

Do you need a real Hammond Organ & Leslie, an original Fender Rhodes MK I, Keys or Synth pads and solos for your song? Here I am.
If you are searching for Jazz, Funk, R&B, Gospel and Blues flavours, I can be helpful.
I have an original Chicago Hammond Organ A-100 & Leslie 147, a Fender Rhodes MK I, a Kawai CA-40X Grand Piano, a Nord Lead 3 and I know how to use VSTs.
Microphone gear :
2 SHURE KSM100 & 2 Superlux S502 ORTF Stereo Microphone for Grand Piano
2 Audio-Technica AT2035& Beta 52A for Leslie amp.
SENNHEISER E935 for solo voice
Audio interface: FIREFACE UFX and SCARLET18i8 2nd Gen

I normally provide the audio tracks already edited and ready for you to mount them on your session to be mixed. An eventual second different take to the song is included in the service.
The price is to be considered per song but only after my approval once I have listened to the song you want me to record.
I work with Logic Pro X so you can ask for the session if you're using the same DAW, this could be useful if you need a midi session so you can modify sounds as you like.

Hammond A-100 & Leslie 147

  • Hammond A-100 & Leslie 147
  • Fender Rhodes MK I clean
  • Grand piano

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