Piano & Keyboard Recordings & Arrangements for $90

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Piano & Keyboard Recordings & Arrangements for $90

I am a Toronto based professional music composer with a Masters from the Royal Northern College of Music, and currently in pursuit of my Doctorate at the University of Toronto. Aside from composing music, recording/releasing albums on Spotify, and teaching, I spend my time orchestrating, mixing or arranging music for a variety of ensembles (from solo to orchestral).

Here's what I can help you with:

Recording high quality Piano track for your original work.

Arranging music (original or existing) to solo piano & recording it.

Recording high quality Electric Piano for that extra vibe for your project.

Creating a solo piano backing track for your existing melody.

Pianos available: Yamaha U3- Yamaha C7- Fender Rhodes- Steinway D upon demand( I do not always have access to it)

  • Pop
  • Classical
  • Prog rock
  • Rock

Opus five- Prelude

Original composition-Steinway D
  • Opus five- Prelude
  • Opus Five-Etude
  • Opus five- Nocturne
  • Sonata no.1- Movement II Unfamiliar Lands

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