Professional piano, keyboard, rhodes, synth, organ, pads for $50

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Professional piano, keyboard, rhodes, synth, organ, pads for $50

Need original piano, keyboard or synth parts for a track? I am an experienced professional piano and keys player and producer specialising in soul, pop, funk and R&B.

I have extensive experience writing, recording and performing both solo and with established artists in the UK and Europe, having played the piano for over 20 years. I currently work as a session musician and songwriter in Barcelona and have recently had music signed by major labels.

Korg SV73 piano (piano + electric piano which can be recorded with audio)
Logic Pro X with industry standard instruments - Kontakt, Omnisphere, Keyscape Piano

I can guarantee top industry level sounding keys, pianos and synths. I will always endeavour to produce an end result which you are happy with.

I have an open yet driven, fun and serious approach to collaboration.

Previous clients on Airgigs have sent me rough vocal demos, just a drum beat, a full song which needs piano, or just a few lyrical ideas, and we work together to find something they are happy with.

I try to make the service as similar to being in the studio together as possible.

Please listen to my attached audios for an idea of my style,

I have an excellent instrument library with many incredible piano and electric piano sounds. Please listen to my audios to get a feel!

Looking forward to making some music together!

Languages: EN, FR, ES

  • Ambient
  • Pop
  • Neo soul
  • Pop-Rock
  • R&B
  • Techno

Killing Me

Song written + played by me (keys+vocals)
  • Killing Me
  • What Did You Do
  • REM
  • Closer

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