PIANO for $300

In Piano, Keys, Synth By JOHN CAPEK

PIANO for $300

PIANO, KEYS, SYNTH CATEGORY is huge and wide ranging.

I do it all in multiple genres.

As an LA based studio musician I've worked with the best producers, arrangers and players in the history of popular music.

I have played on multi-platinum award winning recordings, have Grammy nominations and have written hit songs for popular music's greatest iconic stars.

In total I'm on about 100 Million records.

My credits are available to check out on the SONGS page of my website.

I work in LogicPro.

Interpreting the "Artist's vision" is the real job of a studio musician. Following that it is my job to re-interpret that vision into a performance that brings all of my "commercial" experience to the table.

The object of the exercise is to make the music communicate in a form that has legs...artistically and economically.

I am prepared to work on one revision based on the artist's request.

A single acoustic piano pass is charged at $300.
I use a great sounding Yamaha CP300.

Up to three synth based keyboard parts including such things as rhythm sequences and strings is charged as $300.

With that, acoustic piano plus three synth parts would be $600.

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