Modern Pop/R&B Vocalist for Your Demo! Specialty in Harmonies, Layering, and Vocal Arrangement. for $200

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By delazoo

Modern Pop/R&B Vocalist for Your Demo! Specialty in Harmonies, Layering, and Vocal Arrangement. for $200

I am an r&b/hip-hop artist professionally known as DeLaZoo.

If you want your demo to reach it's full potential, I can help you. I specialize in the Urban and Pop markets, perfect for someone looking to get their song placed with Drake, Bryson Tiller, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, PartyNextDoor, etc. I'm also a seasoned engineer, and within reason am willing to contribute effects to my vocals free of charge (Auto-Tune, delays, reverbs, etc.).

Vocal layers and harmonies are of specific specialty of mine, and are available to you free of charge. If you have a hook that's not all the way 'there', I'm here to bring it to its full potential. I can work from a reference track, or simply treat it like my own song and write harmonies and complimenting counterparts as I see fit.

All takes are recorded in an extremely professional home studio setting on with a Telefunken Cu-29 microphone, and quality will is always my primary focus. Upon final sale agreement, you are entitled to stemmed out vocals files, in addition a full render of the song, in whatever file format you desire. As a bonus, I will do a rough mix (moderate eq/compression) on the final render, so you can shop something that's radio comparable.

If after my first submission, you should decide to cancel the gig outright instead of using your 3 revisions, I will refund your purchase in full.


  • B2K
  • DLZ Fade Reel 2k18

12 Reviews

  1. Review By: Foxic Dec 22, 2018

    Dope hybrid rap/singing quick turnaround

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  2. Review By: Foxic Dec 14, 2018


    - This review was for a custom proposal
  3. Review By: Foxic Dec 9, 2018

    This guy is going to blow up. He delivered unbelievably high quality lyrics and singing in the designated time frame, and even provided a reference track and offered revisions. Working with him again, and plan to more in the future. Highly recommend, I am an EDM producer but he will fit into any genre.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  4. Review By: normiebongos Jul 13, 2018

    Amazing production. Great instincts. Took my rough demo to a whole new level!

  5. Review By: normiebongos Jul 1, 2018

    Another radio ready production by Delazoo!

  6. Review By: normiebongos Jun 12, 2018

    Another amazing radio ready production by Delazoo! My rough demo is now ready for industry pitching!

  7. Review By: normiebongos May 24, 2018

    Another great vocal delivered by a great pop vocalists!

  8. Review By: normiebongos May 18, 2018

    Stellar production. Totally PRO. Great vocal processing. Sick beats. Will hire again for sure!

  9. Review By: normiebongos Apr 28, 2018

    Devin vocals = amazing!!!

  10. Review By: normiebongos Mar 14, 2018

    Another amazing vocal!

  11. Review By: normiebongos Mar 13, 2018

    Great vocalist! Great arrangements. Super friendly! 5 stars!

  12. Review By: normiebongos Jan 26, 2018

    Amazing vocalist. Great arrangements. Totally top shelf!

  13. Review By: normiebongos Jan 3, 2018

    Amazing vocal as always. Devin is the real deal.

  14. Review By: harangellakim Nov 3, 2017

    Amazing vocal!! Fast turn-around, great communication and great musical taste. Highly recommended!!

  15. Review By: normiebongos Oct 17, 2017

    Amazing vocalist!!! Great instincts. Incredible sense of rhythm and vocal chops for days. Super friendly. Will hire again for sure.