Professional Session Singer Recording Versatile Vocals for $145

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Professional Session Singer Recording Versatile Vocals for $145

My vocals are used on 100's of songs being played all over the World. This is because I am able to listen and communicate well with my clients, understanding what is needed to deliver the right vocal performance for each individual track time and time again.

Vocals are recorded and performed in a sound proof studio.

Equipment used - Avantone CV-12 large diaphragm condenser mic Universal Audio Twin-Finity 710 preamp Focusrite 18i20 LogicPro X

All vocals are comped & edited so they are easy for you to work with if you are wanting to mix them into the track yourself.

All I need is:-
- Your backing track (BPM helps also)
- An idea of the vocal melody you want
- Your lyrics.

Don't worry if you aren't 100% sure on the vocal melody as I am used to perfecting vocal melodies.

You will have full rights to the finished product.

I only work to a high standard and guarantee you to receive a professional product at the end.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions,

I look forward to working with you,

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