Country/Blues/Rock/Americana Lead Vocalist for Demo - Baritone with a punchy range for $150

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Micah Shortridge

Country/Blues/Rock/Americana Lead Vocalist for Demo - Baritone with a punchy range for $150

Hello! I am a Country/Rock/Americana/Blues type vocalist that can easily get into the hard rock category. I am an artist myself and vocal tone is of the utmost importance to me. I like fire, I like grit, I like the balance of warmth and edge. Sound like the type of tone you are looking for? Lets get that on YOUR demo!

This service is for my vocal tracks, intended for you, the songwriter, to demo your song. Royalty revenues are 100% yours. You send me your completed instrumentation recording, and a rough idea of the melody you are looking for, and I will lay that down in my home studio, using top great recording gear.

I offer a 100% guarantee, and your satisfaction is my goal. I sing for YOUR song.

My turn-around time is a max of 7 days, but usually 2-3 days. I will send you a reference mix, if you're not satisfied, you can ask for up to 2 revisions. ( If you choose a revision, the full refund will no longer apply. )

Lets grab your publisher and artists heart with great sounding vocals on your demo, with heart and emotion.

I record with an Aston Spirit mic, into an Apollo Duo Quad Core, featuring UAD plugins, into a Mac Pro via Thunderbolt, in an isolation booth.

FYI: Please include finished instrumentation track, which I will sing to, as well as a copy of the lyrics and a rough recording of the vocal melody you desire on your song. I will receive this and go over the track. I will confirm receipt of this via AirGigs message. I will reply to AirGigs message with any questions. If applicable, I will wait for your response to any questions before recording. between 2-7 days later, I will send you a reference mix for your approval (final mixing should be done by your mix engineer). If you are happy, we will move to the feed-back stage of the transaction. Again, my goal is to help you create a demo of the song you have poured your heart and soul into, that you are proud to pitch!

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