highest level but short woodwinds track for $50

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Ofer Peled

highest level but short woodwinds track for $50

If you need a professional, highest level woodwinds track up to 1 minute long, this service is for you. saxophone/clarinet/flute/oriental woodwinds - what ever you choose to make your project shine, just send me an mp3 of your project with a description of what you want and I'll send you back a high quality WAV with your chosen woodwind.

after recording for countless projects around the world I can promise you a highly professional saxophones, flutes and clarinet recording session service.
it can be a funky saxophones, a balkan style clarinet, the deep sounds of the Indian Bansuri or the arabic Nay, or any other woodwinds tracks.

as an experienced recording artist and stage performer, my variety of genres is very wide. I am well skilled at pop, rock, R&B, latin and jazz, as well as world music genres such as Indian, Arabic, Turkish and Balkan music.

  • Ambient
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • World
  • Lounge

Bansuri demo

  • Bansuri demo
  • penny whistle demo
  • kavall demo
  • silver flute demo

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