Pro alto saxophone solos, melodic parts or riffs ready for use in your mix! for $50

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By gdalik

Pro alto saxophone solos, melodic parts or riffs ready for use in your mix! for $50

Started playing the saxophone in 1993. Gained a university degree in music recording production in 2007. Huge experience in both live and studio work.

Play&improvise in many styles including jazz (from mainstream to smooth ), rock-n-roll, blues, soul, pop, electronic dance music styles etc.

Due to recording engineering skills you get the professionally edited, clean and normalized take, which is ready for use in the mix.


- Instrument: Yanagisawa A-WO10 Elite alto saxophone + Vandoren mouthpieces and reeds.
- Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment: professionally designed, acoustically treated and fully soundproofed isolation booth.
- Main recording setup: ElectroVoice Re20 microphone, Audient id14 audio interface, Pro Tools.
- Main monitoring system: Tannoy Precision 8P + NevaAudio amplifier, AKG 240 headphones.


I try to keep my prices reasonable while giving the top quality and making my turnaround as fast as possible.

The average price for one saxophone part (solos and/or fill-ins) up to 1.5 minutes = $50.

One short part up to 30 sec. which is already composed (scored or played with samples for the reference) = $1/second.

A saxophone solo and/or fill-ins up to 45 seconds = $40.

Composing&recording a “catchy” loop/hook/riff etc. up to 20 seconds ~ $35–$60 (depending on number of takes, stems, parts etc.).

If you need the saxophone part above 1.5 minutes or/and more than one saxophone part (double-track, ensemble etc.), please, contact for the price.

I highly recommend you to write me a message before making an order to make sure that I'm available for your job and it is possible for me to complete it in time.


Session Work Demo 1 Credits:

1. Geir Solerød -- "Hang on girl".
2. Lower Pink -- "Stuck".
3. Michael W. Lasota -- "Simpler Times".

Three Sax solos: in rock ballad, post-bop and soulful house genres/styles

  • Three Sax solos: in rock ballad, post-bop and soulful house genres/styles
  • Marcus Miller - Run For Cover (demo of sax solo for cover version by Paul Weatherhead)

46 Reviews

  1. Review By: LuceroLucero Jun 6, 2019

    Great work as always.... I love your sound... More to come...

  2. Review By: lojismith May 26, 2019

    Gdaliy and I discussed the song prior to him recording. I could tell he is enthusiastic about music. I believed he would deliver a nice piece and he did. Well done. Well done, indeed.

  3. Review By: LuceroLucero May 22, 2019

    Amazing work as always, thanks so much Gdaliy!

  4. Review By: Kevdog73 May 9, 2019

    Thanks for the Great playing as always. Very quick turn around.

  5. Review By: Kevdog73 May 8, 2019

    These parts work well thanks

  6. Review By: LuceroLucero Apr 15, 2019

    Awesome work and great sound... Thanks so very much...

  7. Review By: LuceroLucero Apr 11, 2019

    Amazing work and awesome feel and tone...

  8. Review By: LuceroLucero Apr 4, 2019

    Amazing work as always, get ready for some more...

  9. Review By: LuceroLucero Mar 25, 2019

    Gdalik, is an amazing saxophonist and I'll surely be calling on him many times... Thanks for your great work..

  10. Review By: K7K7 Mar 5, 2019

    Very well done sax solo thank you very much

  11. Review By: stardustmedia Feb 20, 2019

    Second time with Gdalik, second time very happy with his jazzy sax arts that brings life into my new house tune. Great to work with such a kind and professional guy.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  12. Review By: K7K7 Feb 4, 2019

    Very good sax part thanks

  13. Review By: leighelse Jan 8, 2019

    Gdaliy, you work consistently at genius level; this is an outstanding sax track. I'll send a mix when the song's finished.

  14. Review By: Magnavolt Nov 24, 2018

    Quick delivery. Good communication.

  15. Review By: LuceroLucero Nov 1, 2018

    Amazing work, will surely use Gdaliy again soon...

  16. Review By: benjaminjames Sep 18, 2018

    always professional and very easy to work with. Can easily interpret non musician notes regarding arrangement , feel, and melody to get what you need! cannot recommend enough!!!

  17. Review By: TimBSwisher Sep 15, 2018

    5 stars for Gdaily! He is an outstanding sax player and very intuitive as he can interpret your song for just what it needs. Highly recommended!

  18. Review By: TimBSwisher Sep 1, 2018

    5 Star review for gdalik-He has come through for me every time and w/o any trouble. I will definitely use him again!

  19. Review By: GiLLorenzi Jul 7, 2018

    Excellent !!! Professional, Great Musician and very easy to work with.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  20. Review By: TimBSwisher Jul 4, 2018

    Gdaliy is a true professional and was able to nail what I was hearing for my song. I’ll use him again in the future.

  21. Review By: Kevdog73 Jul 4, 2018

    Another great experience with a very good sax player. Delivered on time and the parts are superb!
    Thanks again

  22. Review By: Kevdog73 Jun 20, 2018

    Incredible sax player. Added some
    World Class to my simple song

  23. Review By: benjaminjames Jun 8, 2018

    excellent experience, great improvisational ear, and superior ability to synthesis my own ideas to create a cohesive performance,

  24. Review By: benjaminjames May 31, 2018

    total pro! great stuff, superb job interpreting notes and was very intuitive about translating ambiguous producer notes.

  25. Review By: stardustmedia May 13, 2018

    Great player and good recording quality. Thanks Gdaliy

  26. Review By: heartscore Sep 12, 2017

    I love to work with Gdaliy, because he is very passionate with music. He is not only caring for his part, he also cares for the song. Expect Top Quality of both: Audio and Musicality

  27. Review By: heartscore May 23, 2017

    Great job by Gdalik, I am very satisfied with the result, highly recommended

  28. Review By: heartscore May 10, 2017

    It's a pleasure to work with Gdaliy, top performance and recording quality

  29. Review By: forbes4 Nov 21, 2016

    Again great pleasure to work with Gdalik. He is very patience and record high quality tracks very quickly.

  30. Review By: leighelse Nov 2, 2016

    Again, an absolutely fantastic sax solo from Gdaliy. This man doesn't play the saxophone, he makes it sing.
    I had concerns that sustaining an interesting solo line of this length would prove difficult, given the genre of music, but he made it sound natural and easy, and I'm so happy. I can't recommend this player enough!

  31. Review By: leighelse Oct 6, 2016

    Fantastic playing, good quality recording, and an unbelievably quick turnaround. Highly recommended.

  32. Review By: ilovegiti Jul 14, 2016

    Mr Gdaliy is a master saxophone player! Bringing in his graceful, precise and melodic sax tracks into a song is like sprinkling it with musical magical powers.

  33. Review By: GSun May 18, 2016

    Excellent playing and arranging. Adaptable to new ideas. Very satisfied again

  34. Review By: ilovegiti Apr 11, 2016

    Wow! We are blown away. Your talent and creative use of single and multiple note phrases in a song that a sax might not necessarily make it professionally magical!

  35. Review By: IceG Apr 9, 2016

    Easy to work with and the solo was great.

  36. Review By: happychild Mar 25, 2016

    Good job, good timing and quality playing, ´sure to book him again.

  37. Review By: danirwin Mar 17, 2016

    Great job and great musician!

  38. Review By: Paweaz Mar 17, 2016

    Fantastic playing as usual highly reccomended......

  39. Review By: ilovegiti Mar 12, 2016

    wow! this man's alto sax has brought such a warm, sweet touch to my song! quick production, super easy, super pro! I happily told him there's room on the cd for more of his musical genius

  40. Review By: ashh888 Feb 28, 2016

    great playing, goods comms. would use again without hesitation

  41. Review By: forbes4 Oct 14, 2015

    Very nice player, super quick delivery and very easy the communicate. Beautiful sound recording. I can only warmly recommend! Thanks again

  42. Review By: forbes4 Oct 9, 2015

    Beautiful Sax-Sound and very very nice player who has a sense to feel the song. Very easy to work with, hyper quick delivery and response to email. I can only recommend to work with! thanks again for the beautiful job!

  43. Review By: lasotamusic Oct 7, 2015

    Gdaliy was very patient and listened to my track, came up with the right sound and feel according to my specifications. Spot on, and delivered quickly (less than 3 days)! Great sounding, quality WAV provided in the end. Very pleased and hope to collaborate with again.
    Thank you, Gdaliy!

  44. Review By: GSun Sep 30, 2015

    Excellent playing. Fast service, friendly and easy communication. Flexible with scores. Confident in line-choices and articulation. Decent sound quality. Will absolutely use him again!