record anything on the flute or sax for $125

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record anything on the flute or sax for $125

I'm a professional musician (alto, tenor saxophone, and flute) from Venezuela that has recorded and performed with artists from Europe, Asia, Latin, and North America. My studio is equipped with all the needed tools to record professional tracks.

I will record anything on the tenor and alto sax, and flute including:
A solo over a part of your song
Improvise over the song
Compose a song

Microphone Techniques:

Mid-zone Mic'ing: 6 feet from the instrument, used to get a natural-sounding recording.
Multi-mic Mono: 2 microphones in different positions I can get a fuller image of the instrument with the flexibility to choose the color required for your track. One mic will get a shiny and cutting sound and the other mic will get the body (warmth and fullness).
Stereo Mic'ing: used to have a background part that allows you to have a wider image of the instrument.

Next Steps
Send me a message to chat about your project!
Order the Gig :)
I will get to work!

Please contact me should you have any questions. Happy to chat!

Look forward to working with you,

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songs produced and performed by me
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