Spanish Guitar for $75

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Spanish Guitar for $75

Spanish guitar - all styles: Latin, Arabic, Flamenco, World Fusion. Own studio, AT4050 mics, SE electronics Reflexion filters for a dry, unaffected sound, can record in mono or stereo. A variety of different guitars can be used.

Happy to do rhythm, arpeggios and lead. Improvisation never a problem. Slow and passionate, exotic and fiery, or a bit of both!

Have play for many artists including Jim Stubblefield, Jas Homer, Tiggy Acworth, Mark Barnwell.

Can record in anything up 24/96.

Fine to re-take if you're not happy first time.

2 Reviews

  1. Review By: bigblue Nov 20, 2016

    A world class guitarist who went above and beyond my expectations ,producing a beautiful piece of music that has subtly, fire, passion and runs to die for. Next job already planned,JJ

  2. Review By: reflectionsbk Nov 6, 2016

    Exquisite performance, beautifully done!!! Mark did a fantastic job on my CD: "Beth I Hear You…" and I highly recommend him!!!