Female Japanese Vocalist - Anime, Manga, Game, Comic, Fiction for $15

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Yukie Dong

Female Japanese Vocalist - Anime, Manga, Game, Comic, Fiction for $15

I've been an Anime singer / performer since 2008. I had been invited to perform at numerous anime conventions and cultural events in United States for 7 years, which includes Anime Expo AX Dance and FanimeCon. I was also invited to hold live concerts in Mexico and Europe. I'm also the lyricist for Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Project DIVA song Hanamai Tsukuyomi Tan by SEGA.
I do video game livestream and live singing stream planned here on Twitch:

I would love to be your vocalist for animation, manga, game, comic, or fiction themes.
I sing in Japanese and Psudo-language.

I've sung in-game music for lasted released mobile rhythm game Cook to the Beat by Raccoopack Studios and Runner Dash2 by WALDASTER.

I usually record in local recording studio with a sound engineer, so the price was slight higher. Now I offer discounted service for home studio recording, please check samples. Candy Candy , Kiseki no Umi, and Hello/ How Are You are recorded at home then mixed by my in-house sound engineers.

Please note it is the rate based on length of music.
The rate is
$15 - 15 seconds
$25 - 30 seconds
$35 - 1 minute
$45 - 2 minutes
$55 - 3 minutes
$65 - 4 minutes
$70 for entire song up to 5mins

Let me know if you need customized offer at lower rate for shorter recordings. I'm looking forward to work together with you.

This gig includes singing lead vocal with minor harmony for commercial use, less than 5mins of length.

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • World
  • EDM

Candy Candy

J-Pop, Electronic
  • Candy Candy
  • Hello / How Are You
  • Fuwa Fuwa Time
  • Love Circulation
  • Kimi no Sei
  • Kiseki no Umi (Sea of Miracles)

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