Female lead vocals/harmonies/ad libs. High range! for $150

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Female lead vocals/harmonies/ad libs. High range! for $150

Hi! I am a professional singer based out of San Diego. I am new to working on AirGigs but I have extensive singing and recording experience.

I have a variety cover band that plays an average of 130 shows a year so I can sing multiple genres including Pop, RnB, Rock, Jazz, Blues and Country. ***I can also sing in Italian!***

Some artists I cover are Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Evelyn King, Donna Summer, Bruno Mars, Heart, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain and Pat Benatar, so if you're looking for someone to hit those high notes with ease, I'm your girl!

Unfortunately I cannot read music so I will need a guide track.

This price DOES NOT include
-Lyric writing (your lyrics need to be completed)
-Melody creation (the melody needs to be complete and vocal reference track provided).

I'm also work for hire only, which means you retain all ownership of your song. My only payment will be the one agreed upon here on AirGigs. I will not be entitled to any royalties.

Vocals will be delivered dry in AIFF format through WeTransfer. I will also provide a scratch track with enhacements for reference.

If you love how the song is turning out and need me to add some harmonies and ad libs, I can do so at no additional charge. Just tell me what you want and where you want them ;)

***This is a special introductory offer for the first few customers, prices are subject to change without notice***

I can't wait to work on your project!

If I were a boy by Beyonce

RnB example
  • If I were a boy by Beyonce
  • The way you look tonight by Frank Sinatra
  • How will I know by Whitney Houston
  • National Anthem
  • Still loving you by Scorpions

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