Lead and BGV package - up to 4 BGVs//Multi-genre//Top-rated for $115

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Lead and BGV package - up to 4 BGVs//Multi-genre//Top-rated for $115

Hello! Please see my profile for customer reviews! (all 5 stars). I am a versatile singer-songwriter who can perform in multiple genres, including country, folk, pop, rock, blues, classical, (Opera, art songs, etc) new age, and more! I have years of in-studio and live performance (solo and full-band.)
With this price, you will get a full lead vocal, plus up to 4 BGV's as requested. If requested, the vocal tracks can be double-stacked. (I usually do this with the bgv's and the chorus.) I am also offering a 100% guarantee - if you're not completely satisfied, you get your money back! Meaning, if at any time during the process, it just doesn't "feel" right, or if the voice just isn't quite matching what you had in mind, we can cancel the order.
I also offer unlimited revisions; we aren't done until you're satisfied with the work.
Your song will need to be complete, with melody and lyrics.
I will provide you dry (no effects) wav files upon completion. My equipment are as follows:
Blue Bluebird Microphone
SE RF-X Reflexion Filter
Pro Tools

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to hearing from you!

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