Pro Female Vocal Tracks for all Genres for $350

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Pro Female Vocal Tracks for all Genres for $350

I'm a professional session singer in the LA area. I have sang/written songs for Tiesto, Showtek and other major pop/dance artists. I also sing the national anthem on the NBA2k video game. As a very versatile singer, I believe I can make your song sound the way you have been picturing it. I also can write toplines for an additional fee/terms.

As a singer/songwriter, I've developed a steady work flow recording from my home studio singing/writing songs for others that need them.
I started doing session work 3-years ago and I've become a really seasoned studio singer because of it.
I have a great ear for melody, so I try to put my best effort into making the song the best it can be.

I record on a Slate Digital VMS and have done a lot of work for Slate digital as a singer to promote their new microphone. My voice was one of the ones used to create the algorithms for the software itself.

In my free time, I push my solo pop project.
I recently had a premiere of my last single "Waves" in the show "Grownish" on Freeform at the beginning of this year.

I've had cuts with Tiesto, Showtek and other major EDM artists cultivating over 15 million streams collectively, I also have recorded the national anthem for NBA2k video games. I've recorded children's songs, dance songs, ballads, acoustic songs, R&B, you name it.

I currently work for hire if you need me to sing any pre-written songs you have, any toplines I contribute vocal melody/lyrics, I retain my portion of publishing through BMI, and for any commercial releases, my alias is "Cadence xyz"

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  1. Review By: tomberg May 28, 2018


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  2. Review By: tomberg May 19, 2018


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  3. Review By: tomberg May 2, 2018

    Beautiful voice, easy to work with and great sense of harmony. I'm very happy with the results.

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  4. Review By: addictivej Jul 27, 2017

    Amazing vocalist, end of... :-)

  5. Review By: IndyDan May 17, 2017

    A third great track, awesome work.

  6. Review By: IndyDan May 11, 2017

    Natalie just finished our second project and she sounds incredible. It's been such a privilege working with her and I'm confident that hiring her will be the best decision you make all day/week/month/year.

  7. Review By: IndyDan Apr 2, 2017

    Natalie delivered a great vocal! She was quick and communication was great throughout the project. She also did a great job with the revisions I requested. I'm sending another track her way soon.

  8. Review By: Reagh Mar 14, 2017

    Fantastic! Natalie had exactly what the song needed. We'll be back...
    Thanks again, Natalie!

  9. Review By: pmasitti Sep 24, 2016

    Natalie has great instincts and is extremely musical. She also responds to feedback well and in a very professional manner. I would not hesitate to use her again or recommend her to someone else.

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  10. Review By: royosherove Oct 27, 2015

    Great voice and very timely delivery!

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  11. Review By: royosherove Oct 21, 2015

    Such a great voice, and fast turnaround!

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  12. Review By: RichWill Sep 16, 2015

    Best session vocalist!

  13. Review By: dgmusic Aug 20, 2015

    Great to work with. Great communication. Great voice. Would definitely work with again.

  14. Review By: stian May 21, 2015

    Great vocalist and very experienced! A great person too!

  15. Review By: joethompson Mar 7, 2015

    Beautifully sung vocals, and Natalie was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. Can't recommend highly enough!

  16. Review By: lillloyd Nov 17, 2014

    Natalie has a gorgeous voice and provided an amazing vocal. Her professionalism is top notch--she was in constant communication, provided great feedback, and did everything asked of her. She was also a pleasure to work with--engaging and personable but always on point. VERY highly recommended!!

  17. Review By: crimscrams Apr 26, 2014

    Perfect vibe for the track and great pocket. Will be using this service again.

  18. Review By: grisca Feb 20, 2014

    Great job, thank you so much.

  19. Review By: DETROITGUN Jan 31, 2014

    Hello Natalie listening to the song I realize I’m missing a word. Looking through the lyrics I didn’t have the word “should” before ebay. It’s an error on my part. Can you add that in. I feel that would be the last alteration.
    Maybe I should cry for help

    Maybe I should Ebay my stuff

    I blame it on