Vocalist for Commercial music and more. I deliver fully edited and tuned vocals for $400

In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Alessia Labate

Vocalist for Commercial music and more. I deliver fully edited and tuned vocals for $400

I elevate the songs I work on by providing high-quality vocals: I record and polish my vocals by myself on my PC. I have records on STMPD, Sirup, Loudkult, Proximity, NCN and NCS and I work behind-the-scenes for emerging artists based in Europe and the US, taking vocals to the next level with a very detailed tuning.

Nice to meet you: I'm Alessia and I'm a 23 year-old vocalist, songwriter, vocal producer and artist. I offer a wide range of services, including vocals for your pre-written songs.
I often record cover of hit songs, demos for K-Pop and EDM music, alternative songs and pop vocals.

I always deliver ready-to-mix vocals that have been finely polished and tuned, I'm a real perfectionist for that.


- VOCALS _ Everything Pop & EDM
I adjust the instrumental to my vocal range and send you a demo. Once I have your feedback I wrap up vocals to be delivered

- WRITING _ I’m a lyricist and topliner
The song comes alive bit by bit and I only go forward once I get your detailed feedback
The melody usually comes first, then lyrics and then I wrap up final vocals or Demo

- VOCAL PRODUCTION _I fully produce vocals
after making sure the vocals are workable, I edit using a combination of skills and software

- The use of my name is not allowed without my explicit permission. Ask for it once the song is ready
- When writing, I require a % on publishing and royalties
- In regards to the commercial use of my melody, lyric or vocal performance, I reserve all rights
- Keep all the material inside the Gig Messages
- Turnaround varies on the kind of project and my schedule, so please ask before hiring
- Revisions that require re-recording at least 60% of the song cost 200$ up
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Vocal Resume 2020

  • Vocal Resume 2020

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