STUNT VOCALIST - Professional Singer 15 + years expierence , One lead vocal / one song/ Multiple Genres / Pro Studio / THE REAL DEAL! for $150

In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By DEBTHOMAS

STUNT VOCALIST - Professional Singer 15 + years expierence , One lead vocal / one song/ Multiple Genres / Pro Studio / THE REAL DEAL! for $150

Deb Thomas here!... been a professional singer my whole life. Currently living outside of Nashville, I've sung on thousands of sessions, from records to demos, jingles to voice overs - Sandals Resorts to NBC, Coke to Pepsi...gutsy to sultry, soft to hard rock... I even have my voice on singing dolls around the country so, the chances are you have heard my voice SOMEWHERE!

I have great mics (currently love my MD1B and AT 4050), protools 11, presonus mic pre, and can deliver your vocals dry or with a bit of eq and reverb.

My goal is to make YOUR project sound the best it can. That is my job when you hire me! Whether it is backgrounds, leads, voice overs or something in between... I am your STUNT VOCALIST!

Deb's Jingle Demo

From Sandals to Famous Footwear to the Today Show!
  • Deb's Jingle Demo
  • Keep Love Alive/written by Paul Hampton

11 Reviews

  1. Review By: johnptunes Feb 6, 2019

    Absolutely fantastic job!!! Brought my songs to a higher level than I could’ve imagined. Thanks Deb!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  2. Review By: johnptunes Jan 8, 2019

    What a fantastic job! Thanks so much Deb!

  3. Review By: nomiskx Jul 24, 2018

    Cool as ever and every time !

  4. Review By: nomiskx Jul 19, 2018

    Fab fab fab - such a pro and very creative with it too !

  5. Review By: nomiskx Jun 8, 2018

    I love Deb's singing !

  6. Review By: matteb May 9, 2018

    Deb was great! Easy to work with, and to state the obvious, she can sing! We had her do lead and backgrounds. She even sang some counter vox that we didn’t ask for, but really added to the song. Will definitely hire her again.

  7. Review By: MarkSCOR Mar 7, 2018

    Great super fast service and excellent communications along the way, thank you Deb for your amazing vocals!!

  8. Review By: RyanHale Feb 16, 2018

    What a remarkable instrument, that voice! She infused the song with an emotional intensity that brought a whole new dimension to the lyric. Quite impressive!

  9. Review By: reginaldkson Jan 3, 2018

    I'll put it this way...she'll be on more of my tracks - for sure. Well done.

  10. Review By: nomiskx Nov 30, 2017

    More brilliant BVGs from Deb... just really great to work with. Thanks for your input !

  11. Review By: nomiskx Nov 21, 2017

    I'm so impressed ! Deb is just fab to work with and full of great ideas !

  12. Review By: nomiskx Oct 21, 2017

    Like she says... Deb is the 'Real Deal'. She's done a brilliant job, great vocals, delivered before they were due and is great to work with. Highly recommended...