Vocal Audition for $50

In Vocals (Female) By Kate Glock

Vocal Audition for $50

This is an audition option for my primary service located here: https://www.airgigs.com/online-female-vocalist-for-hire/34457/Lyric-writing-and-professional-vocal-recording-for-your-song

What I'm offering is a vocal audition. If you're not 100% sure about my fit to your song then this is an option to try with minimal financial investment.

Send me a clear instrumental version of your song (or a previous song), the lyrics, and show me how the melody should performed (you can use a piano, or sing lalalal... your call), and I will record a quick test session of up to 1 minute to show you how my voice will fit into your project.

If we move forward with the song(s), I will also deduct the audition fee from your song (or your first song if there are multiple tracks).

Let's talk about your project and how I can assist.

  • Hard Rock
  • Prog rock
  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock

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