Airy, soulful vocals for $80

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Airy, soulful vocals for $80

Release your song with confidence, knowing that it's at its full potential. With custom melodies and lush harmonies, your song will have exactly what it needs to feel complete and ready for the world. I specialize in R&B, HipHop, and Soul.

What You'll Receive:

・Custom vocal melodies
・High quality of WAV file of recordings (all vocals are recorded using a studio-quality Rode NTK microphone, and a Focusrite preamp/interface)
・Track-outs for each layer
・Up to five revisions
・Copyright of the recorded vocals. You are free to use them in whatever capacity you choose to upon completion of the project, including for-profit (however, I reserve the right to use all recordings as a part of my portfolio).

To get started...
You’ll need an instrumental track and song lyrics (can be in written form, or recorded as a demo). I will create a vocal melody (including background vocals and harmonies) for you unless you already have one that you would like me to use.

  • R&B
  • Soul
  • Neo soul
  • Blues
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz


  • LUV-Sample
  • Happy-Sample
  • Free-Sample

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