Vocals by Recording Artist, Jordan Pruitt for $200

In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By JordanPruitt

Vocals by Recording Artist, Jordan Pruitt for $200

Wrote and Recorded two full length studio albums with Hollywood Records. Arranged and recorded all of my own BGV's and harmonies.

If you need a demo singer for a song you've written-I'm your girl!I have a home studio will all the best and up to date studio equipment.

With this order I include the following:
- 1 lead track and harmonies.
- MP3 of the mix with my vocals

7 Reviews

  1. Review By: Richard Oct 23, 2016

    Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for doing another brilliant recording session :) Your vocals are stunning, thank you.


  2. Review By: coreyschmidt Oct 2, 2016

    Jordan is so good at her craft. Her unique sound is mesmerizing!!

  3. Review By: Richard Aug 14, 2016

    Hi Jordan,

    Thank you so much! Your vocals sound outstanding in the song!


  4. Review By: coreyschmidt Aug 3, 2016

    Jordan's unique vocal style is so sweet and addicting. She is absolutely amazing to work with!

  5. Review By: coreyschmidt Jun 4, 2016

    Jordan is super talented and such a pleasure to work with. I am simply amazed with her vocals. She creates such a cool edge and vibe with her unique sound!

  6. Review By: code24 May 17, 2016

    Awesome voice and feeling! Also really great sound quality.

  7. Review By: coreyschmidt Apr 24, 2016

    Jordan is truly a professional. She has raised my song to an entirely new level and I can't thank her enough. The natural fluctuations in her voice are amazing. She is super creative and insightful, and her sound is so addicting. Jordan is such a kind individual and a pleasure to work with!