pro female vocals package (lead/harmonies/doubles) for $199

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pro female vocals package (lead/harmonies/doubles) for $199

Boh Doran's career accolades include being part of Dua Lipa's live TV band as a backup singer, reaching the viral top 10 on Spotify for her original song "White Knuckles", landing featured vocals on a national Katy Perry Cover Girl commercial last year, and placing her original song on the closing credits of A&E Intervention. She's very well versed in many genres of music (pop, jazz, r&b, americana) and was the resident piano-singer at the Montage in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, has done events for Airbnb, Lincoln cars and more. She attended Beat Lab Academy for music production and now composes for commercials and DJs in addition to her singer-songwriter session work. Please reference her press kit and website for examples of recent work.

This rate is essentially a three hour session rate. So for example on one full 3-4 minute track I can usually do five passes of lead vocals, doubles and a few harmonies and then you can comp and edit. If you only need backgrounds I can do a few tracks in this time. If you don't care about getting lots of options, I can knock out leads on a few tracks in this time.

I have an apollo duet interface, bluebird microphone and record in both ableton and logic depending on the session. As noted in my bio above, I also went to school for production so I'm fast and can wrap my head around any project.


Closing credits A&E intervention
  • Breathe
  • White Knuckles

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