Female vocals package - 1 lead vocal, backing vocals, harmonies, doubles, adlibs, tuned & edited stems with and w/out fx for $250

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Female vocals package - 1 lead vocal, backing vocals, harmonies, doubles, adlibs, tuned & edited stems with and w/out fx for $250

Hi there! I'm Eline Vera and I'm a singer and vocal producer from Amsterdam. I am currently a successful YouTube creator for the channels Without Music and Eline Vera. My videos have been viewed over 195+ million times all over the world. With 12 years of experience as a singer/producer and composer, I have the allround expertise to bring every production to the highest professional standard. I've recorded vocals for countless jingles and songs for the biggest brands. Though I naturally have a unique laid-back singing voice, my impressions of famous female singers make me a chameleon in the vocal booth!

Genres: Pop/EDM, R&B, Soul, Jazz.

Vocal Skills: I am a versatile singer with a large vocal range and can perform in many different vocal styles. Artists I can sound like include Ariana Grande, Shakira, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Amy Lee, Norah Jones, Gwen Stefani, Iggy Azalea and many more. I also love singing musical theatre songs. If you want me to try and mimic an artist that I did not already mention, I can certainly try it!

Recording: For my recordings, I record through Logic Pro X with a sE Electronics 2200 condenser mic with a portable isolation booth and pop filter. I use industry standard plugins from Waves, iZotope and Melodyne to make my recordings and mixes sound great.

The $250,- Vocal Package Includes:
* 1 Lead Vocal
* Up to 2 harmonising backing vocals (4 stems, for R & L) OR 2 Doubles of lead vocal (if needed)

I will deliver you an acapella mix, so you'll immediately hear what the vocals sound like when played over your production. I will deliver all individual dry stems in .wav without any effects as well through Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Terms of Service:
- Songs over 4 minutes are subject to an additional charge
- 2 revisions included. If you'd like further revisions they are $25 per round. In general I don't like to be nit picky about revisions. If you need a few small things after the 2, I'm happy to accommodate ;)

This price DOES NOT include:
- Lyric writing (your lyrics need to be completed)
- Melody creation: For non ethereal/freestyle type vocal projects, the melody needs to be complete and vocal reference track provided.

I can of course improvise, ad lib and creatively carry out your melody if you would like me to take creative freedom, but the melody needs to be in place and provided via a reference track in order for me to begin.

Hope to work with you soon!

Chandelier (Cover)

All sounds you hear are made with my voice!
  • Chandelier (Cover)
  • Impressions of Famous Singers
  • Part of Your World (Cover)

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  1. Review By: javalmont Mar 29, 2019

    It was a pleasure working with Eline. She's very talented, and was super responsive, patient and helpful along the process. She's also creative in a way that she adds up to the project with a touch of her own. I would definitely recommend working with her!

    - This review was for a custom proposal