Professional Female Singer for $75

In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Sofiia

Professional Female Singer for $75

Professional singer with a home studio. I can record all of your audio needs. Have about 9 years of experience in singing and recording.
Favorite kind of songs for singing - any cool stuff
In this service as many as need revisions, edits, and tracks are included.

Sonya JT & Miri J - Dive

Solo and backing parts me singing
  • Sonya JT & Miri J - Dive
  • Sonya JT & Miri J - Don't Speak
  • Sonya JT & Miri J ft. Lele - Love Me Harder
  • Sonya JT & Miri J - Perfect
  • Sonya JT & Miri j - Wake Me Up
  • Sonya JT - All The Man That I Need
  • Sonya JT - Give Your Heart a Break
  • Sonya JT - Skyscraper

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