Drums Recording for your Projects for $60

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Konstantin Korotaev

Drums Recording for your Projects for $60

I will record drums in any style and I will edit. I work in any style: pop, rock, jazz, metal, fusion, etc. I enclose a sample of "RAW Drums", which demonstrates how the drums sound completely without processing. No compressors, gates, EQ and reverb. There is only a limiter on the main bus. Usually I record kick in, kick out, subkick, snare top, snare bottom, tom 10 ", 12", 16 ", overhead, hihat, stereo room.
Please check my other services. Please check my portfolio.
I need 3 working days. And I will do my job until you love it.

RAW Drums

  • RAW Drums
  • Andrei Skliarov - Jazz Drums Fast

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