Professional Drum recording only for $88 -Highend SONOR Drum set- for $88

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Professional Drum recording only for $88 -Highend SONOR Drum set- for $88

Hello,everyone! I'm Chiyopon Drum Mask the masked online professional drummer.

I've been playing the drums 24 years, and 10 years experience as a professional in Japan. I'm an endorcsement artist of Turkish Cymbals and VATER Drum Sticks.

This is the STEP:
1.Please send me your tracks and let me know your requirements
2.I'll send you a rough pattern of my drums with your track to give you an idea of how I am playing your song.
3.I will record the acoustic drums for your song in my recording studio
and I will get the tracks recorded in 2-5 days.

Drum sets:
SONOR Prolite series
SONOR Vintage Series
SONOR Force 2003 series

Designer series14"x5"(Maple), Delite series14"x5"(vintage Maple),Gavin Harrison model12"x5"(Maple),Protean14"x5.75"(Birch),Artist series 14"x6"(Bell Bronze),Artist series"earth"13"x5"(Beech),Vintage series 14”x6.5"(Beech), Force 2003 series14"x5.5"(Maple+Bass wood), AQ2 series 14"x6"(Maple), SQ2series 14"x4.25"(Acliric shell X-Ray)

Turkish Cymbal: Sehzade series, Cappadocia series, classic series , John Blackwell signature series, Ad Astra series, Zeyphros, FX Silence and other effects etc...

DAW: Cubase 11 pro

Mics: AKG for Bass drum x1, Top LR x2,Snare x1, Tomx1 and Floor Tom x1

My standard setup includes 8 tracks for drums. If you would like the tracks as a stereo wave file, I can do that as well.

My opinion is to create "together" like next to each other even we're online.

Please let me support your songs to make better with my drums!

  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Latin

Drum Solo

one of my drumset sample
  • Drum Solo
  • Tiempo de Festival

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