Drum Tracks by Johnny Concannon for $55

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Drum Tracks by Johnny Concannon for $55

This tracking option is for clean and full and sounding modern, vintage, and lo-fi drums, done from my home studio in Indianapolis for total flexibility and affordability. I pride myself in attaining the necessary sound at the source to make the mixing work on the back end nearly minimal, so I used a slew of different drums, cymbals and noisemakers to get what you need. I will deliver you a well crafted drum/percussion arrangement with solid, clean audio that should require minimal EQ and post production work! Once I receive your track(s), I typically like to listen to them a few times and then have a phone conversation/email thread where we discuss where you'd like the track to go artistically and talk about some drum sounds or parts that will make the music pop as much as we can. I am willing to do up to three revisions per song so that I ensure you will receive the finished product that you need, and my goal is to have a completely finished product to you in under 7 days. ***For best results, I highly recommend that your song is recorded TIGHTLY to a click track! This will help me deliver a rock-solid performance for you to build from.*** I can deliver the drums to you in any format you should need for your mixing process.

I have 10 years of session/live performance experience with TONS of different kinds of bands, live hip-hop, DJ-sets, country, blues, rock, psychadelic, dance, indie, you name it. I currently tour with legendary 60's occult-rock group Coven (fronted by Jinx Dawson, vocalist on hit song 'One Tin Soldier' from the Billy Jack soundtrack), with Nashville-based rocker Chris Wild, Indianapolis rock group Moxxie and play/record with several original and cover bands in town. I spent 3 years in Nashville, TN learning the industry and honing my skills that I've brought back to central Indiana to spread the craft of producing and songwriting here.

The room I track in at home is hardwood/plaster, 12'x12' with 10' ceilings that I've treated with 4" of fiberglass insulation on two walls and Auralex on the the other two.

My audio gear from home includes:
-iMac, 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM
-Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
-Logic Pro X
-2x Blue Microphones Bluebird, 1x Blue Microphones Spark, 1x Blue Microphones
-3x Sennheiser e604
-2x Shure SM 57
-1x Solomon Microphones LoFReQ

This is a simple set up, but I've had great results with this set up in my room!

One For The Liquor

Mixed audio from my band, Tied To Tigers, tracked drums at home
  • One For The Liquor
  • The Pharmacist

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