Professional Drum Tracks - Funk/Rock/Blues/R&B/Soul for $150

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Professional Drum Tracks - Funk/Rock/Blues/R&B/Soul for $150

I am a highly experienced drummer with a passion for all kinds of music, including funk, blues, rock, soul, and jazz. I have been playing drums since I was six years old, and have honed my skills through years of live performances and studio sessions for over 15 years.

As a session player, I am able to adapt to a wide range of musical styles and provide solid, reliable drumming for any project. Whether you need a groove-oriented beat for a funk tune or a powerful rock sound or a soul ballad, I have the versatility and technical ability to deliver.

I can provide high-quality recordings for any project using Apollo x8p and various premium microphones. Let's make some great music together!

Hear my playing on my IG profile @simonepannozzo

Universal Audio Apollo x8p
Studio One

Earthworks Audio SR25
Beyerdynamic M160
Shure SM57

Funk Drum Sample

High Tuning Drums
  • Funk Drum Sample
  • 95 BPM Drum Loop
  • Clap Stack Breakbeat
  • Fat Drum Sounds
  • D'Angelo - Soultronic
  • Fat Snare
  • Jeff Lorber Jam
  • Laid-back Groove
  • Robert Cray
  • Old School Jam

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