Professional Drum Tracks for $65

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Professional Drum Tracks for $65

Nashville based drummer with a litany of gear to use. I primarily use Pro Tools 12 or Ableton Live 9 for tracking after running through 2 Universal Audio Apollo 8p interfaces. I have a number of mics, but I tend to use SM57s on snare, MD421s on toms, Beta52 or D6 on kick, and c214s for overheads. I can also use Blue Hummingbirds for overheads, or use some other strange mics for room/crunch/distorion/etc.

I have a slew of drums as I also run a backline company. I have modern sounds to a 30s Leedy kit and a demure vintage wooden snare to a Gretsch Bell Brass. An assortment of Paiste cymbals are ready to provide the shimmer and a shelf-full of strange percussion if the track needs that.

Credits include Cindy Wilson of The B52s, pacificUV, White Violet, Monahan, The Viking Progress, Natalie Riccio, Dead Horses, and Wayde Powell.

I like a lot of information about what you're looking for when you order from really specific parts to vibe to reference songs. My goal is to keep revisions to a minimum because I might not be the right player for you and it'd be easier for you to find the right guy than us go back and forth. With that said, I'm happy to do some tweaks and changes. The order would include full drums and percussion (shaker, organic loops, cowbell, etc). Generally, I won't really do very much in the way of EQ, but I can at your request.

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