Drum tracks from a Nashville working drummer for $60

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Drum tracks from a Nashville working drummer for $60

You have a lot of choices of drummers to choose from on this site, so why work with me? Well, I play with many up-and-coming singer-songwriters in Nashville TN with styles from rock like Springsteen, to country like Merle Travis, with some funk, soul, and blues thrown in between. If you are looking for double-bass pedal full-throttle metal grooves I'm probably not your guy, but if you want someone to listen to your song and try to find the groove that fits it best without getting in its way hit me up, I'd love to work with you.  

10 Reviews

  1. Review By: lasotamusic May 26, 2019

    Perfect man, thank you so much.

    Can I know your name so I can credit you accordingly?

    Also, I'd like to work again on the rest of my project to keep consistent on percussion if you don't mind?

  2. Review By: LanceRichards Mar 12, 2019

    Raun did a great job on my original composition. The turnaround time was great and the communication was very professional. I highly recommend Raun for your next project. Thanks, Lance

  3. Review By: BrettTurner Mar 1, 2019

    Great to work with. Quick revisions and serviceable tracks.

  4. Review By: BrettTurner Mar 1, 2019

    Super easy to work with and got me serviceable tracks very quickly.

  5. Review By: yajurmadan May 23, 2018

    Great to work with!

  6. Review By: yajurmadan May 17, 2018

    Great to work with!

  7. Review By: judejs Aug 10, 2017

    This guy has great feel and tone and recording of the drums is beautiful, highly recommend.

  8. Review By: johannnil Jul 31, 2017

    Very nice experience. Creative and very well played drums.