Rock drums,indie drums,Garage drums,Grunge drums for your project for $50

In Drums By George Psychogyios

Rock drums,indie drums,Garage drums,Grunge drums for your project for $50

I'm George Psychogyios, a drummer/sound engineer based in Greece and I can record professional drum tracks on your song from my studio.

I've been playing the drums professionally from an early age and have 15+ years of experience performing and recording with bands and solo artists in Greece and the UK. I've got a diploma in sound engineering and have worked in hundreds of live shows as production crew. In the past I've been part of Illusion and The Magic Lotus, with whom we had a self-released LP in Greece and various singles released by the Animal Farm Music in the UK.

I will record high quality drums for your Rock/Pop/indie/Singer-songwriter project.

I use Yahama drums , I've also got individual drum options to fit the style of the song everytime.

Ludwig Black beauty 14 x 6.5 brass , Ludwig questlove 14 x 5 wood)

Zildjian 16 K Light Hihats,,Zildjian K 14 Hihats, Zildjian K Light 24 Ride, Zildjian K Darck custom crash 16, Zildjian S medium thin Crash 18, Paiste 2002 crash 19, Sabian 20 Hand Hammered Ride

Recording equipment:
Audient evo16 audio interface
Audient Sp8 preamp
Soundtoys Full plugin bundle
Mics: Shure (Beta 91, SM7B, 2 x SM57s)
Lewitt (dtp 640 rex, 3 x dtp 340, 2 x lct 040 matched pair, Mtp 440
AKG (D112)
Audio technica (3 x AT2020)
sE electronics X1R

Video Recorder: Zoom Q2N-4K
Software: Presonus StudioOne. 6
Studio Acoustic treatment by GIK Acoustics

instagram: @geo_psy

You will receive 1 HQ stereo drum mix, the individual raw drum stems and 1 revisions.

What do I need from you:
1) Either a WAV or mp3 bounce of your song (with or without programmed drums if you recorded to program drums)
2) BPM or tempo/click track
3) Song references, Favourite drummers/bands, a brief idea of how you'd like your drums to sound.

If you have no drum arrangements in mind ,that's not a problem. As soon as I hear your song and discuss with you your music references I'll be able to record the best drum track possible!

Also, I am primarily a single kick player, so I may not be best guy to step in for fast double bass music. I mostly use it subtly on fills and beats.

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