Organic Greasy Grooves. Old Skoolish Sound for $175

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Organic Greasy Grooves. Old Skoolish Sound for $175

Drums that sound like drums, played by a human drummer. Complete tracks for your songs, custom loops, groove improvisations.

Howdy, I'm Bill Mead (a drummer), thanks for stopping by :)

I'll record super groovy drum takes for your song for $175 including up to 3 revisions. You'll get 8 tracks of .wav drum stems recorded at 24bit 96K. I typically include multiple takes so you can choose what you like. I tend to overdeliver. You'll be happy :)

I also offer drum tracks for other things like custom drum loops, song section punch-ins, groove improvisations, or anything else you may need. These services are typically less time consuming and are priced to reflect the lessened workload, just message me with details and I'll quote you a rate.

If you haven't already, please listen to the audio demos I have here. I put together these demos using the same drums, mics, human feel, etc. that's offered through this service. The drums are calf-skinned and minimalist. The drummer is groovy and very well intentioned . . . if I may say so myself, hahaha.

Also, if you have 20 minutes to watch my talking-head video, there's a lot of good info that's buried in my ramblings. I'm offering something fairly specific here. I want people to get the best of me and know exactly what to expect.

Please don't hesitate to message me with any questions. I'm organized and on-top of communications. I treat people and the music they make with the utmost respect and attention. I look forward to hearing from you, and and hearing your music. Let's make some killer drum tracks! Cheers!

What you'll get:

8 tracks of dry, unprocessed, unquantized, unedited .wav drum stems per take, recorded at 24bit 96K, up to 3 revisions.

01-bass drum
02-snare drum
03-tom tom
04-floor tom
05-hi hat cymbals
06-ride cymbal
07-overhead left
08-overhead right

*Because of the nature of calfskin, the pitch and or tonality of the drums may differ slightly between revisions, takes, or even within a single take. Natural hide drum heads are drastically influenced by temperature and humidity and have a life of their own.

*Timing of the drums (in terms of groove or feel) is in relation to the click/grid. There's a hierarchy in modern virtual production. I place my feel to be consistent to the click/grid while allowing the other instruments (or music) to shape my performance emotionally.

*Complex songs, or songs of longer duration may cost more than the standard rate offered.

  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Singer-Songwriter

Bill Mead Reel

Snippets of organic greasiness
  • Bill Mead Reel
  • Songwriter #1
  • Sixties-ish and funky
  • Dirty slow-blues-ish
  • Modern-vintage funkiness
  • Driving smooth-jazzy
  • A looser Nashville pop
  • Funk baby straight-up
  • Mardis Gras time
  • Songwriter #2
  • Funk yo Hammond B3
  • Modern lo-fi jam
  • Gospel for a minute
  • Urban approximation
  • Grooving the upright
  • The greasy turns into jazz
  • Songwriter #3
  • Drum Loop-greasy rocker
  • Drum Loop-funky 16ths
  • Drum Loop-slow brushes
  • Drum Loop-swing conga mimic
  • Drum Loop-greasy shuffle
  • Drum Loop-train brushes

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