Pocket drum tracks Do you need a fat groove and high quality drum session? Ive got what you desire... for $75

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Pocket drum tracks Do you need a fat groove and high quality drum session? Ive got what you desire... for $75

Looking for a solid groove on your track?

I can professionally record ANY style of drumming. And with GROOVE... My background mixes many diverse styles such as Jazz, Funk, Rock, Pop, Latin, Country, and more.

I currently have my drum studio locked in at the Funk and Jazz capital of the world... New Orleans

I was one of the last musicians to play with the famous Ringling Bros Circus in the United States. I can read music charts if you want to send them to me. I have played many production shows that have varied in styles like Country, Jazz (Big Band, Latin, etc), Rock, Pop, Motown, as well as New Orleans styles.

My studio kit is a Japanese-made Yamaha Oak custom. It has a very good tone for any style. The Oak wood really allows for depth and any needed punch. I also alternate between two of the most recorded snare drums of all time. Ones used by famous studio drummers like Steve Jordan and Steve Gadd. (All the way back to famous 70s/80s records and they are still used in most commercial studios around the world.) I am talking about my Yamaha Absolute Maple Custom (Japan-made), and my Ludwig Black Beauty (6.5" deep). Both of which give me a choice and emulation of almost any snare sound you desire.

I use all premium Zildjian cymbals like the K 14" dark hats, K Constantinople Jazz Ride, and a Crash of doom. All of which sound GREAT under the mics.

I use Shure mics on the drums, SM57s (one of the most popular and reliable mics ever made), Beta52, AKG420 large condensers as overheads. All of which allow plenty of frequency room for your EQ preferences.

All of this is recorded through my Focusrite Clarett 8PREX, which has internal pre-amps that compare to brands like Universal Audio and Apogee. My interface simply sounds great with my drums. The pre-amp coloration is excellent for drums.

The gear is cool, and it definitely makes a difference. But it also mostly depends on the player you hire. You want someone who can understand your project and work to make it come together. I take the time to understand the depth of each project I work on. I pride myself on the drum sessions I let enter the audio world. If I can't deliver what you want, for whatever reason, I will happily give your money back.

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