PROFESSIONAL QUALITY DRUM RECORDING (Percussion Also Available) for $100

In Drums By Josh Bailey

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY DRUM RECORDING (Percussion Also Available) for $100

Josh Bailey is a Professional Drummer and Percussionist from New York City. Recording drums and percussion for everything from: Netflix shows, film scores and video games; to singer songwriters, full albums and artist singles. Notable recordings in recent years include:

-Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (seasons 3 & 4, Netlfix)
- Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS5 videogame score)
- Drum/Percussion Sampling for: CuBeatz & SKNote
- Adam Neely's J A Z Z S C H O O L
- Adam Neely - YouTube Releases and Gig Vlogs
- El Robo Del Siglo (film score, Netflix)
- Stephen Sondheim's "The Flag Song"
- Shubh Saran (all records released)

> Live streamed sessions available if requested (via Audio Movers & Zoom. Subject of fee increase).
> Typically recording drums with 14 mic's supplemented with top notch pre-amps & outboard gear, drum tracks are recorded with care and highest possible quality.

*By the end of the session clients walk away with:
1) Processed & Mixed Stereo Bounce of Full Drumset (isolated)
2) Processed & Mixed Stereo Bounce of Drums + Demo/Artist Track
3) Folder of Cleaned RAW STEMS: Individual wav files in 24bit/48Hkz format

> Mixed/Processed Stems can be provided as well (subject of fee increase)
> Revisions are available (subject of fee increase)

Lets collaborate! I want to make your music exciting, feel good and sound great from behind the kit! I will share all of my experience and knowledge with you, but will never lose your vision and your goal.

Pop, Soul - Recent Client (2020)

Pop, Soul - Recent Client (2020)
  • Pop, Soul - Recent Client (2020)
  • Funk-Fusion Demo (drums + percussion layers)
  • Pop-Rock Demo (drums isolated)
  • One Shot Sample & Percussion Demo > Soul Groove Demo

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