Drums & Percussion for $85

In Drums 100% Guarantee By ryanbeydlermusic

Drums & Percussion for $85

Drum tracks will be delivered in .WAV with individual stems of each instrument. Price includes full drum set arrangement with shaker, tambourine, and other percussion overdubs - completely customized to each song.

Drum Sets:

"Nashvile Era" Slingerland Studio King
Sizes: 12x9 13x10 16x16 22x16

Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute
Sizes: 12x9 13x10 16x14 24x18

DW Jazz Series
12x8 15x14 22x18


14x5 1960's Ludwig Acrolite
14x5 Black Brass
14x6.5 Yamaha "Paul Leim" Chrome Over Brass
14x5 "Nashville Era" Slingerland Maple Snare
14x6.5 Black Nickel over Brass
14x6.5 Ludwig Supraphonic

Assorted Paiste Signature, 602 Modern Essentials, 2002, and Dark Energy.

Sennheizer e604's
AKG 214's
Shure Beta 52
Shure SM57's
Shure SM7B

Logic Pro X

Where I Stand

Artist: Dawson Edwards
  • Where I Stand
  • Feel Good Again
  • One Lie Away

16 Reviews

  1. Review By: BCOOP Jan 11, 2019

    Ryan, thank you so much for the quick turn around. You did a fantastic job! Your timing was spot on. I truly appreciate your time on this project. I can't wait to use you again.


  2. Review By: Nikolaus7 Feb 22, 2018

    Working with Ryan is a great, inspiring experience.

  3. Review By: Nikolaus7 Feb 15, 2018

    Taste, tone and musicality — Ryan has it all.
    Also, a super cool person to work with.

  4. Review By: Nikolaus7 Feb 7, 2018

    If you are looking for a drummer, look no further. Ryan goes the extra mile and brings life to your music.
    Highly recommended!

  5. Review By: bigblue Nov 20, 2017

    Ryan delivered just what I was looking for, a great drummer with lots of ideas which really enhanced the song and took it to the next level,JJ

  6. Review By: vikings22 Sep 10, 2017

    Perfect every time,I just can't say enough.This man is the best..thank you.

  7. Review By: vikings22 Sep 10, 2017

    Ryan is the man!!!!!!!!!!THE BEST THERE IS.Thank you my friend.

  8. Review By: vikings22 Sep 6, 2017

    Ryan is perfect as always,super fantastic person to work with.Talented beyond expectation,Ryan always goes the extra mile.THE BEST..Thanks my friend.

  9. Review By: KevinWK Aug 29, 2017

    Great experience working with Ryan. Excellent communication and delivered amazing sounding tracks. Thanks!

  10. Review By: 4score Jun 15, 2017

    Ryan did a great job providing a drum track on short notice in the middle of CMA week in Nashville. He was very professional, easy to work with, and delivered exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommended.

  11. Review By: vikings22 May 18, 2017

    Ryan is amazing and a pleasure to work with.He is perfect every time.thanks my friend.

  12. Review By: vikings22 Apr 18, 2017

    Perfect again..you could not ask for more..thanks my friend.

  13. Review By: vikings22 Apr 6, 2017

    Totally the best,just a great drummer and a really nice person..thanks

  14. Review By: vikings22 Mar 31, 2017

    Perfect overtime,your the best..thanks my friend.

  15. Review By: vikings22 Mar 24, 2017

    Ryan is a super drummer,totally professional and flawless.You can't ask for more.thanks again.

  16. Review By: vikings22 Mar 17, 2017

    Perfect gig and flawless, was fast and did a really professional job.You can not find a better drummer or a nicer guy.THANKS