Professionally Recorded Drum And Percussion Tracks for $100

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Professionally Recorded Drum And Percussion Tracks for $100

$100 a song for professional drum parts on your recordings!

I am most versatile in the styles of Rock, Country, Hard rock, Pop, Reggae, and Blues.

Send me your tracks and receive extremely well done, professionally tracked or programmed parts for your recordings.

All finished tracks will be sent by me via WAV files. They will be tracked at 48khz (unless you prefer another format). I am willing to work with you on revisions if needed.

I am a Nashville, TN based drummer. I have been playing drums and recording for many years. I currently tour with and play for country artist Jacob Bryant.

Gear list-
. Apollo x8p
.Akg D112
.Audix D series mics


.Modern Ludwig Classic Maple
.Modified Mapex Saturn 4
.Pearl Masters
.Various Zildjian / Sabian cymbals

.Modern Ludwig Black Beauty
.70’s Ludwig Supraphonic
.80’ Ludwig Acrolite
.60’s Ludwig Supraphonic

drums with percussion

drum track with percussion rough mixed by me
  • drums with percussion

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